About Me

About Me

Jawdat Jamil Sisan   
One of the best 50 teachers in the world, has the knowledge, skills and expertise up to 20 years as well as a trainer who has a vision with variable functions and talents about learning and development, I enjoy professional flexibility and independence which enable me to experience new ideas and initiatives that help thousands of people in their best output and make me proud of my achievements.
•  Identify and achieve goals, flexibility, planning.
 Multi-tasking, persuasion, negotiation.
 Time management, design of training packages, training.
 Problem Solving, responsibility, Working within a team.
Major Achievements:
* Adopt my program to develop values, “values make our lives worth” as a universal program during my participation in the Summit of the world's education “Varkey teacher ambassadors” held in Dubai at 16-17/3/2017.
* Get international recognition of my educational skills, effective and innovative ways to win as one of the best 50 teachers worldwide to 2016 as the world teacher competition organized by Varkey Foundation.
* Knight assumed from Medal of the State of Palestine by President Mahmoud Abbas in recognition of distinguished education League, and in recognition of my efforts in humanitarian message to Palestinian teacher in 2016.
* A primary and active role contributed to the winning of my school as one of the best three distinct schools on the level of Palestine through leadership education project “values make our lives worth” in the competition organized by Al-Taawon Organization entitled “distinct schools of bright future” for 2016.
* Won the educational program “from student to student” in the first session of Elham Palestine Contest 2008.
* Hired my talents and skills in training my students on arts (performed theater singing review _ scouts ...) where got over 300 of them won the first places and advanced and received more than 25 in contests cultural and art at the local and national level of Palestine, such as the press investigation contest, children's rights and the popular Dabkeh competition.
* recruit about $50,000 got them as prizes for educational programs innovative or through community or partnerships with private sector in processing center training, theatre teachers, and technology education.
* accommodations: dozens of exhibitions and performances artistic and cultural inside and outside school (ministry of education, universities such as ‘Bir Zeit’ and institutes such as ‘college nation’, associations ... etc. attended by over 20,000 spectators.
* got more than 50 certificate thanked and appreciation of government institutions, especially civil society.
* got estimate ' excellent ' in annual reports rotating in ten years, and in the last three years 100%.
* rate collection my students in high school in two subjects history and contemporary issues in the rise where arrived last year 2015--2016  to 98% in article contemporary issues and 95% in history and none fails ...
* some of my students got college scholarships while the others got high levels in their faculties.
Tasks and responsibilities-I assumed multiple and varied tasks and responsibilities, including:
* Varkey Teacher Ambassador for education.
* Member of the Committee for the development of the teaching profession with the ambassadors of the Varkey Foundation for the second year in a row.
* A jury member of Global Teacher Prize 2016/2017.
* A jury member of Distinct Schools award of Al-Taawon of the year 2017.
* A jury member of many artistic and cultural competitions on a local and national level during my work.
* Author and actor, Director and trainer at the theater and radio and television drama which were presented and ordered by dozens of artworks, which were attended by more than 20 thousand spectators including Radio series such as ” Exiled Routes”, Plays such as              “ Qaraqush and music”, “Fate” , “ Cage “ , TV shows such as “ Zaatar and Anbar “ .
* Supervisor and trainer of blended learning in school year (2016/2017)
* Supervisor and trainer of students Portfolio (2016/2017)
* preparing and presenting many courses for teachers, students, parents of inside and outside school.
* Student Affairs Supervisor in school during the period (2006 – 2012)
* Supervisor of school activities from 1997 to the present day.

Professional development:
I always keen to develop my knowledge, skills and experience with the best and latest learning and teaching methods, evaluation methods and training courses exceeded more than 1100 training hours in several areas:
* Area of drama and Theater: more than 500 hours, in acting, directing and theatrical criticism for kids, boys and adults.
* Educational area: approximately 300 training hours, especially in the latest global learning programs (such as STEAM, child to child, Teacher preneur, Theater of the oppressed) active learning, creative thinking and problem solving. Etc.
* Employ the technology in education: more than 200 training hours and especially digital citizenship, digital curriculum design and management, employing social media, photography and montage
* life skills: more than 100 training hours and special set specific goals and self-management, time management, creativity, project management.
* the domain of Scouting: about 50 hours of training in the arts and qualify the Scout leaders.
* Got an international teacher certificate accredited by Cambridge in 2014.
* I got certified International trainer certificate by Usmart Center/Australia in 2014
Spread my skills:
I share my experiences with thousands of teachers and supervisors and stakeholders both at the level of governmental institutions or civil society institutions within and outside Palestine through conferences, meetings and workshops of the most important local and international especially the Varkey Ambassadors' Summit for Education in the world, global forum for learning skills in Dubai
-many television and radio interviews, and press releases about my approaches and achievements in the field of learning and teaching.
* Bir Zeit University – Palestine
* BA of History and Political Science, 1997

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